IRONMAN triathlons are the pinnacle in sporting endurance. Every athlete's obsession to compete and win, is fueled by the daily grind of swimming, biking, and running continually pushing themselves further without compromise. Their ability to recover, dictates their ability to compete. MINT was recruited to build an elite collection of RECOVERY FOOTWEAR that spoke directly to those passionate triathletes.
Performance athletes desire technical products that give them that edge to win. MINT created a branded technology matrix that laid out the advantages for each recovery platform. Working within established IRONMAN branded guidelines MINT created a unique continuity of design theme, paired with graphic elements unifying the creative vision for event banners, event retail merchandise planning, product packaging and direct to consumer catalog materials. With the creative structure established by MINT, the groundwork was laid for digital platforms to be constructed worthy of the IRONMAN name.
IRONSPORT, a division of IRONMAN, was created to inspire and drive all athletic enthusiast. As a mass market product driver, MINT was tasked to design and develop a branded product alternative to the IRONMAN collection. While maintaining core marketing DNA established by the client, IRONSPORT focused on a broader section of athletes, sports, distribution plans, and variable product pricing structures appealing to the widest cross section of sports enthusiasts.