Over the past 5 years, MINT has lead Spenco Footwear in the expansion of their growing business success at QVC, the worldwide leader in media retail sales. By using classic design elements paired with SPENCO's biomechanically advanced Total Support orthotic platform, MINT elevated and evolved SPENCO product through unique designs, line planning guidance, and the development of their product merchandizing strategies, positioning Spenco Footwear to become a QVC customer favorite show after show.
With its newly found success through QVC, Spenco Footwear looked to continue their evolution and brand development by enlisting MINT to conceive and create exclusive digital media content, updated sales and marketing collateral, as well as social and direct-to-consumer digital campaigns. Through stylized photo shoots, authentic product ambassadors, and impactful visual compositions, MINT created a fashionable reflection point for the Spenco Footwear brand.
In the world of performance, RECOVERY is the name of the game. MINT collaborated with Spenco to create a product assortment, detailed visual ads, and a marketing technology plan for the launch in late 2018. The dynamic use of color combinations helps these styles stand out above the competition.